The Captain Cook Schoolroom Museum has three main areas which are devoted to the schoolroom, Captain Cook’s career and the history of Great Ayton.  

The focal point is the re-creation of the eighteenth century schoolroom.  James Cook’s teacher can be seen sleeping in the loft above the classroom – one of so many elements contrasting with a modern school.

The museum also covers why we remember Captain Cook, with an interactive area devoted to his achievements. 

Child experiencing the Schoolroom

The area devoted to Great Ayton’s development includes sections on key individuals and on the importance of extractive industries to the growth of the village.

We suggest that this area of study is taken beyond the building to make use of the historic village centre.  Parties might be best divided into groups of about 14, so that whist one group discovers the museum, the others can explore the evidence for the changing nature of the village.  Children enjoying trail of Great Ayton at the waterfall

To facilitate the exploration of the village, attendants can supply hand held devices, earphones and maps to support an audio trail.


An education pack has been produced to support teachers of key stages one and two.  There is also a splendid booklet for teachers who wish to gain a more in depth knowledge of ‘The Education of Captain Cook.’

For further information on arranging visits please contact Liz Scovell on 01642 700490.

“It was really interesting. The
sums were really hard.”

“I enjoyed reading about the village.”

“I'm going to bring my Mum and Dad back as I want to show them the cool interactive map of his voyage.”